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A 24 hour internet radio station that plays mostly Instrumental Hip-Hop. This can be used as background music by people that stream live on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.


In June 2020, the DMCA began taken action against streamers that play music by certain artists or labels. Although there was always a possibility of this happening, this prompted many streamers to seek an alternative.


1. Provide streamers with great music they can use without legal action being taken against them 2. Give many extremely talented musicians an opportunity to be heard by a larger audience.

No Ads, No Interruptions, No DMCA Issues


Most frequent questions and answers

It’s very simple. Just open a tab in your browser, log into our website, press play and adjust the volume as needed. Your streaming software should capture the audio by default. In some cases you may have to add your browser as an audio source.

StreamerFX Radio is an endless stream of Instrumental Hip-Hop. Many musicians and sub-genres can be heard here.

Yes, but there is a small possibility of having sections of your VOD (Video on Demand) muted after your stream ends. This actually protects you from DMCA claims.

These platforms are slightly different. Since they work directly with many artists, labels and distributors, there’s a higher chance of losing monetization on your stream / video or simply having it removed.
The revenue generated on this site goes to purchasing the music you hear, paying royalties to artists, other recurring expenses as well as reinvesting for the future of StreamerFX.

We’re launching with a solid collection of music and artists but planning to expand on a regular basis. This includes merchandise, apps and new features to support the artists and streamers.


© EnaTainment LLC 2020

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