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StreamerFX Radio is a non-stop stream of instrumental Boom Bap, Soul, Trap, Lo-Fi and other styles of Hip-Hop. Perfect for not only Streamers but anyone looking for non-intrusive background music.

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Just about every game has a great soundtrack but many of us grow tired of hearing the same music over and over. This is the case with Shooters, Fighters, Sports and other types of games. Eventually the music gets stale and you want to hear something else. StreamerFX Radio plays great music to game to 24 hours a day.

Doing Good Business

StreamerFX supports incredibly talented independent musicians that deserve to be heard. Every song has been purchased directly from the artist and they’re also being paid royalties.

Always Fresh

The playlist is large and updated every month. New songs and artists are added while others are removed (but will return later). You’ll never get tired of hearing the same song too often.

No Worries

All songs played here are DMCA safe. If you stream on Twitch, Facebook or smaller platforms, it’s very unlikely you’ll have any issues with the artist or label. (YouTube is a little different)


Instant Access. Cancel Anytime.


$ 1 renews every month
1st Month


$ 55 Renews yearly
Free Month

Secure Payments

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